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What is the purpose of your website?

Chances are you already have a website? If so, what purpose does it serve? It’s surprising the number of business owners who get stumped when asked this question. Let’s help you answer it because knowing the answer will help you generate more money from it, guaranteed!

Before you start looking for someone to design/redesign your website or even think about the cost, it’s essential to determine the purpose of your website. Failing to do this planning stage will result in a website not fit for purpose. If it’s not fit for purpose then you can’t measure and manage it and ultimately make money from it.

Having clear, well defined goals and a definite purpose will really help you succeed. Think about what you want your visitors to do when they visit your website. Should they fill out a form, call a number or signup to register for an event or a call back. Knowing what your prospective clients should do when they visit your site will guide you with the design.

Your site will no doubt fall into one of three broad categories. They are:

1. Selling products and/or services

2. Generating leads so you can later follow up and convert them into customers

3. Establish credibility or expert status

You may like to get a pen and paper (or tablet) and answer the following questions. When you have a meeting with a designer you will have a framework of what you want. It will also help the designer create a site that delivers on your wishes.

  • What does your successful website look like?
  • What problems or issues are you trying to solve with a new website or redesign?
  • What elements of your old website worked and which didn’t (many businesses will already have a website so this question is important for a redesign)?
  • What impression do you want visitors to have about your business (corporate, friendly, business like, cutting edge etc.)?
  • What do you want visitors to do when they visit your website (fill out a form, pick up the phone, request a free report etc.)?
  • What lead capture and follow up mechanisms do you have in place (capture of the users email that automates a follow up sequence or automates a text message etc.)?

If you need any help working out the true purpose and potential of your website or need some advanced lead capture implementation then why not call DM Informatics for a FREE consultation on 01752 295875 or visit us at

Ensure safety in your office

“It only takes a day to learn how to save someone’s life but the knowledge can last a lifetime,” says Jeremy Sleet, founder of Health and Safety company No Accident, which recently based itself at the prestigious Plymouth Science Park.

Jeremy has taught First Aid to more than 500 people over the past three years and his courses can cover a vast area of topics – from ensuring safety on building sites and offices through to providing basic first aid training.

“Health and Safety is important,” says Jeremy. “As a direct result of attending the course, people have taken away a raft of information to implement safer systems in their workplace.”

Finding someone who is fully qualified, certificated and has years of experience in the field of Health and Safety is crucial to ensure you are taught to the correct, and appropriate, standard.

Jeremy is trained to the highest level to ensure his fully accredited courses provide each attendee with a certificate of proficiency in their chosen area of training.

It means that No Accident, or N/A, can provide a wide range of training packages – everything from gaining a Level 5 NVQ Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Practice through to the IOSH Managing Safety three-day course.

Jeremy also provides the essential one-day Level 2 training events (which can provide basic skills for Health and Safety in the workplace, manual handling or fire safety).

The scope of the First Aid courses can cover one-day of intensive training, which’ll provide the basic skills required to save someone’s life, through to the more in-depth Level 3 Award for First Aid at Work.

This allows greater scope for people to further develop their skills and gain a more in-depth knowledge on how to provide assistance in the case of someone having a heart attack through to a variety of other emergencies, including the treatment of fractures, burns and chest injuries.

Jeremy is also qualified to train people in pediatric first aid – something which can be very beneficial for teachers and people qualified to work with children. It can also be vital for the family.

“Knowing what to do in an emergency is crucial as most of the people who put into practice what they’ve learnt will do so at home and, in all likelihood, will perform first aid on a member of their family.”

The decision to locate the company at Plymouth Science Park was based on its excellent facilities which include ample car parking, meeting rooms and Bistro (complete with its pond overlooking woodland).

“Plymouth Science Park was highly recommended to us and its prestigious address, together with its forward-thinking attitude, has ensured our confidence for establishing and continuing our business growth.”

To find out more, visit:

Duncan Little Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy helps stop smoking

It’s that time of year when we start to think ahead to the Spring and plan those all important New Year resolutions! Perhaps one of the most common plans for a fresh start is to stop smoking. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help someone who is determined to quit the habit for good.

Duncan Little, a fully qualified and insured Solution Focused Hypnotherapy practitioner based at the prestigious Observatory Practice says, “Quitting smoking can be easy and the session provides a full explanation for the psychology behind the habit and how we can stop for good.”

“Even a small habit of a few cigarettes a day can have a big effect on both finances and health.”

“Smoking really is a dying habit and this one-off session, which lasts a couple of hours, can really cement permanent change whereby, with willpower, the client can leave my practice and simply not smoke again.”

The stop smoking hypnotherapy session works with the practitioner explaining why the brain fools us into thinking it is acceptable to smoke.

It includes 45 minutes of hypnosis, which allows the subconscious mind to understand it does not need cigarettes!

“We explain with clients who want to stop smoking why we think in the way that we do. The hypnosis part is a key stage to cementing the change and it means that the brain really “gets the message” to help it stop the habit.”

“The aim of every session is for the client can leave the consulting room a non-smoker – with enhanced willpower for a brighter future!”

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can also be used to help to take control over other aspects of our lives, ranging from stress management through to eating and even improving our confidence.

“This is a good time of the year to sit down with a Solution Focused Hypnotherapy practitioner to see how you can get the best out of your life and what steps you can take to realise your full potential.”