Lyreco – Nespresso Professional

Nespresso professional is a global coffee brand with a local mission putting the planet, people and communities before profit.

Since 1986 Nespresso have been consistently delivering portioned premium coffee excellence for employees, clients or customers.

We look to meet the specific needs of your business, whatever your size or volume of premium coffee needed. There are 18 carefully selected premium coffee blends from 18 countries for you to choose from and robust coffee machines which means you, your staff and clients can enjoy different Nespresso coffee blends and flavours all at the same time.

Nespresso professional coffee solutions are trusted by the world’s foremost hotels, restaurants and business customers.

If you’d like to find out more about how you can enjoy Nespresso premium quality coffee, quickly and conveniently poured, we invite you to contact Richard Broadbent Business Development Manager Lyreco – Nespresso Professional Exclusive Distributor.